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Do you want to make a difference in your life? Do you have the feeling that you haven’t really “arrived” yet? is it time to give space to your dreams? Or would you like to create a new balance between tension and relaxation in your everyday life? There are always situations in life that bring us out of balance, out of harmony. These can be crises or problems in professional life, in relationships or in our personal development.

I am convinced that every person carries all the answers within him or herself and can steer his or her life on a happy path with the help of the right impulses. I trust in the inner wisdom of each person to analyze his individual situation and to find solutions for his problems.

As a certified mental coach, I help you to free yourself from old, familiar, but sometimes obstructive patterns of thought and behaviour and to open up to new perspectives.

I offer you my individual support for the growth process, I help you to give space to your visions and to define new goals that offer you lasting satisfaction. With the help of the methods of mental coaching we bring mind and heart into harmony, in a way that transforms the passion for your dreams into taking action for your life.

Since change requires courage, I am not only a coach, but first and foremost a human being at your side to support you.


My coaching fields are:

  • Change processes
  • decision-making support
  • Personal clarity and satisfaction
  • Personal crises
  • burnout prevention
  • spiritual coaching
  • to realize and live one’s own purpose
  • work-life balance
  • teacher mentoring
  • health coaching

Mental coaching is a working method that originated in competitive sports and helps people to achieve the best level of performance in decisive situations and to break through destructive blockades. It is therefore a matter of identifying and developing your personal potential, realising and removing obstacles.

Coaching can be booked parallel to a retreat, for example. We work together intensively, free of interference and detached from the obligations of everyday life. Together we will examine your career questions, deal with your life challenges and develop appropriate answers and solutions.

After a free initial interview, we determine the coaching format and the duration on both sides.

A coaching format could be: a 1-week intensive in my retreat center in Sardinia and further coaching via Skype at home if required.


@ Balaiana Eco Retreat Sardinia
Lu Mocu / Zona Balaiana
07020 Luogosanto
Sardinia / Italy

Phone: + 39-3664587362

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