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Live with presence, trust and love in your heart! 

I believe that yoga can help anyone find the personal path that leads to more happiness and well-being. We get to our core, feel what really defines us and experience inner peace and joy through practice. The body is a wonderful vehicle to get to know us in depth and to gain access to the sources of vitality, inspiration and inner strength. Empowered within ourselves, we can meet the challenges of life with ease and see ourselves as an active actor who shapes our life in a self-determined way.  Yoga is a path of transformation and liberation, of body, mind and heart, and an infinite path of mindfulness. I invite you to accompany your journey through this life!


I teach with a precise, loving approach helping to guide you through your practice in a nurturing and supportive way, allowing you to deepen into your body and soul. 

I am passionate about connecting deeply through physical awareness combined with modern biomechanics, interwaves transformational healing pratices, meditation and breathwork to create a realm for freedom and expansion.

I will guide you from the heart  to explore movement and asana as a poetic expression of your inner world.

My classes are infused by the ancient wisdom of the tantric yogatradition heart, oriented and life affirming. I create an environment for self-healing to happen.

The practice is deeply touching, as the postures are done very carefully, practiced from “inside out” accordingly. The yoga classes still develop a flow character always aligned to a theme that connect the physical experience to the mind-spirit level.

In the Yoga i teach there are no dogmas or doctrines. Every human being is seen and supported in his perfect state.Through community, movement, meditation, breath-work and Tantric philosophy, Yoga aligns your mind, body and heart

Come experience yoga as a beautiful way to celebrate life and to embrace the spirit which manifests within.





My life has been kind of a  a roller coaster ride with many shifts, both in my professional and private life.
After completing University and my studies in communication design and being a young mother, I first worked in video production for a large advertising agency and in television. 
But I never really felt at home in the mediaworld and felt the urge to give my work more “meaning”.
I started training as a naturopath and did my first Yogateacher-Training in a classical Hatha Yogastyle called “Sampoornayoga” After this training the real yogajourney began- lots of trainings and workshops in various styles. I loved meeting great teachers and learn from them.

In 2008 i discovered Anusara Yoga and begun to study with Todd Tesen followed my many amazing certified Anusara teachers around the world and found my “Yogahome” in this modern and transformational style of Yoga.

This yoga style is especially suitable for students of all experience-levels, because basically every posture is announced and built up with great precision (in all classes, including the advanced) and the exact alignment minimizes the risk of injury. 

I have been a „Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher“ (ECAT) 500h, and inherit also a certification in traditional Hatha Yoga (Sampoorna Yoga). I did more than 1000h of trainings and teach yoga since 2005.

My thirst to learn is endless and so i studied also with many wonderful teacher in other traditions, immersed myself more and more in the tantric philosophy, especially in Kashmir Shivaism, but also learn sharmanic & buddhist  techniques and practices.

Everything that enriched my life in so many ways i love to share with my students.

Now I teache just „Yoga“ without a label and trademark in my own unique way that leads to a conscious, joyful life.

My mission is to guide you along the way into your adventurous heart!


In my retreats and workshops i love to work with you on all levels. For me yoga is not just a physical experience or a nice workout for the body, which leads to a well toned butt. I invite you to feel that yoga, meditation and spiritual practices can enrich your life on a sustainable and deep level.

I want to teach you that the way of the heart leads you to the life, that you desire. I would like to encourage you to take new paths, to find out what gives you deep meaning and happiness in your everyday life. I want to reconnect you with the elements and nature, both outside and in your inner universe.

I work with my students on different levels. The “Adventurous Heart” Retreat & Workshops involve a fluid Hatha Yoga / Asana Practise, Pranayama, Meditation and healing techniques.

The classes can be very fluid or very calm and slow, always depending on the theme that i teach in each class. I sometimes like you to sweat, to really feel the physical experience that the Asanas create, i like you to get stronger and more flexible because your body will teach your mind and heart about these qualities too. I love to interweave healing practices in the lessons, i like you to work with each others and enjoy the community in class. I like you to dive deep inside and listen to the music of your soul…how does it feel to just be? I like you to discover the wonderful person that you are, a universe embodied in this existence. And last but not least, I want you to feel the joy that this kind of labour provides. ♥

“The Alchemy Of Love” Retreats & Workshops  focus on freeing the physical and emotional body from shame, guilt and fear regarding sexuality and authenticity. A deep transformation is created by reconnecting with your personal power.

This is done through different paths, using the best techniques from the ancient temple arts such as Tantra, Taoism and Shamanism, and complemented by NLP, bio-energetics, guided visualization, emotional release, Kundalini activation, energy tracking, conscious touch and consensus skills. The above list are just a few of the practices with which we dive deep into the inner realms. The inner male and female archetypes are explored, because when they are fully integrated, a door opens to a deeper knowledge of the Self as wholeness and perfection.

Are you ready to jump off the edge? Then this retreat / workshop is for you!


Elke shared her module “The art of theming a yoga class” with the teacher trainees of my Yoga Teacher Training. She knows how to bring light on the method of theming a yoga class, takes the teacher trainees behind the "magic" of a yoga class and makes it possible to see how to develop a relevant class theme that sustains the experience of every yoga student. It is a pleasure to cooperate with Elke on every level.
Doris Lilienweiss
Studioowner Yogapoint Arnhem
I already knew Elke when she was still teaching in Duesseldorf. She is a fantastic yoga teacher. I also love the yoga philosophy, which is an integral part of teaching. The Yoga Retreat Center on Sardinia is beautiful. Great rooms, great team and the food is fantastic! I can really recommend this place !
Chris Pohl
I did my Anusara Immersions with Elke and I loved it. She is an amazing teacher and I will visit her soon in Sardinia. I learned a lot and she was caring a lot for every member of the group. I was able to do the Immersions even with my injured neck and she gave me a lot of advice on how to fix it. I never felt pushed and much better after the Immersion. The decisions she took came from the heart and I hope I can soon join the Teacher Training. I trust Elke and feel that with her I am in “good hands“, able to grow and evolve. Namaste
Greta Negri
Participant of the Anusara Immersions

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